Born in Rhode Island on March 16th, 1972.

I really enjoy creating Art and I always have. As a child, friends would be playing football or playing with toys while I was drawing cartoons. Creating is all I ever wanted to do. At age five my teacher told my parents that I had a gift. At age eight I attended workshops at the Rhode Island School of Design. By 5th grade I began to get in a little trouble. Not because I was doing malicious things, but because classmates were spending their lunch money on my drawings. This was exciting at such a young age. I was earning pretty good money for a 5th grader. Art awards started by age eleven, and I began receiving commissioned projects by age nineteen. At age twenty three I worked on a project for ESPN. I designed a television set for the X-Games. I have worked on many different projects since... It is very clear that art is a significant part of who I am. These days I focus on my passion for Fine Art. 

One of my goals is to start an organization that supports autism and those living with mental illness. A place for art therapy. A place for artist to hone their craft and display their art, while raising money for a cause. Autism and mental illness are two subjects that hit close to home with loved ones in my own family.

 Art is very therapeutic. Being an Artist has been a life preserver for me, guiding me through my own journey in life. I cant imagine life without it. 

Art has changed so much over the past century or so. Like The Beatles to Music, many Artist that I admire have paved the way for Artist today.. Van Gogh, Klimt, Rothko, Matisse,  Dali, and Picasso. What I love about Picasso is that he was not committed to any one idea, no one style, and no persons opinion. For an Artist its important to be a free thinker and be true to ones creativity.

My paintings more than often include abstracted design with subject matter, sometimes subtle, at times extreme. All my work begins with spontaneous thought usually induced by situations in life. My art is a visual document of life, and the world around me. Art starts as decor to the average viewer then becomes a document of history as time moves on. Before we had technology art was the platform that gave us knowledge of yesteryear. It would be difficult to decode the past without it.

Oil Painting is a traditional form of art regardless of the style an Artist works with. Painting is also my favorite medium to use. Besides painting and drawing I create unique Puzzle Relief Sculptures on canvas. They are truly one of a kind. Puzzle pieces are manufactured and cut with structure. They are intended to conform together as one assigned image.  No two puzzle pieces in the box are the same. I enjoy bringing the diverse puzzle pieces back together in a non-conforming way. Sorting the colors and connecting some pieces. Reconstructing an entirely new abstracted image. They have gained a lot of attention, and are already part of private collections.

Sometimes pleasant and at times dark, my works are emotional. They tell a story. A piece is complete when I feel it makes sense to me, and is ready to speak. The true beauty of art is not only in the aestheyics... I find it fascinating that a piece of art can mean something different to every person who sees it. A completed piece of art gives me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I have the privilege of expressing myself, and at the same time bringing joy to others.

My artwork will outlive me and be the story of who I am well after I am gone.